Novell Netware/OES, V6.5 Support Pack 5 - CPR Release, Apache 2.0.54; GroupWise 7/SP2, Novell eDirectory Version SMP

(Yeah, the config is a bit old; we're a non-for-profit organization.)

PROBLEM: Our web services are slow. This machine has been in service for a few years, but off-site access to web services are getting slow. Are there any suggestions for tuning, where to look for issues?

For example, when loading the remote management portal (https://server:8009/) on the internal (fast ethernet-based) network, it loads in a reasonable amount of time. The GroupWise web access (https://server/gw/webacc) loads reasonably fast as well. Others load (like the iManager portal https://server/nps/servlet/frameserv...kId=fw.Startup)

Sometimes Internet Explorer is faster than Firefox. Chrome can also be faster at times than both of them. The latest Java JRE--1.6, build 16--is installed on the various workstations. Testing involves both machines running Windows Vista and Windows 7.

However, when folks are OFF-SITE, access to the same services can be painfully slow -- especially GroupWise WebAccess -- that it takes MINUTES to get the login screen.

Any ideas where to look? Nothing has changed on the server side. I've checked our certificates (PKIDIAG) in diag mode without any reports of trouble. (Save for the one error [in step 6] which you can learn about in this other Novell forum thread.)

I have "diagnostic debugging" turned on in the Web Access logging facility. Nothing out of the ordinary is being reported.

Do you think it might be something related to SSL (since these services reside via https)? I thought it might be something with our network configuration on these boutique ports (8009,2200, etc), but the NON-SSL web-based agent monitors, like GW (http://server:7180/) and Novell Messenger agent (https://server:8314/) are screamingly fast. (Although they're not Java based. Did I just answer my own question? Is it the JRE?)

Thanks for any ideas! --michael