I'm having a few problems with the HP UPD and iPrint or maybe Windows
7, wondering if anyone has ventured that way.

We have Windows 7, iPrint 5.3 Client, OES2 SP1, and HP UPD 5.0.1.

Some printers work as designed, they print, eg LaserJet 1320.

Some older printers, HP 4050, get a bit confused, they print out an
error message, PCL XL error, UnsupportedProtocol. I guess I need an
older pcl version than v6?

Others, eg HP LaserJet 2605 give an error message on screen
hpmsn091.dll has stopped working. I've searched on this error but
found nothing useful.

I have seen that earlier versions of the client and driver are actually
supposed to work.

And yes, ordinary users have to restart the browser in administrative
mode to install the driver. No pwd required, just right click and
start the browser in administrative mode to be allowed to run the
install. I did try a couple of security permissions changes to the
firefox start shortcut but that made no difference. You don't get the
option with a standard http shortcut, it's not an app to run. Has
anyone found the correct permissions to make this work seamlessly? I'll
try IE.

Any suggestions re the errors?

Thanks, Paul.