Im getting this error for every singel application I try to migrate.
I tested to add appFlags mapping for the App:Flags attribute on the LDAP Groups object under [ROOT] in the old tree.

Migrating cn=Label Writer 7100,ou=Dymo,ou=Program,ou=ShortCut,ou=RES,o=xxxx to /~bundles~/Dymo/Label Writer 7100

Migrating from XXXX_TREE tree to GTZONE zone

This is a simple application and does not require conversion to an MSI. Skipping Macrovision Converter.

Application is already an MSI

Successfully created initial bundle: Label Writer 7100

Could not find mandatory attribute appFlags either the ldap mapping is incorrectly pointing to the starter Pack attribute 'app flags' or there is no mapping. Mappings can be changed in Console One on the LDAP Group object. The App:Flags should point to appFlags, App Flags should point to some other attribute like appFlagsOld

Migration failed for cn=Label Writer 7100,ou=Dymo,ou=Program,ou=ShortCut,ou=RES,o=xxxx

Migration of this object took: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds, 953 milliseconds