I'm trying to Sync Windows Mobile Phones (WM 6.1 und WM 6.5) with GMS 3.01 (W2K3) to GW8.

New calendar entrys on the device are synced immediately with our GW8, but new calendar entrys in GroupWise are not synced to the device...

The same problem with mails.... Sometimes mails are synced in both directions, but most of the time I have to wait hours until I get a new mail on the devices..

I've opened the ports 7191 & 8191 between gms and gw. The POA does not show any errors in the verbose logs. SOAP login request dont shows me any failures...

Verbose logging on the gms 3.01 w2k3 server does not shows any failures too.

I've tried different devices, different users, restarting gms & poa, same problem...

Any ideas ?