Hi Everyone

After installing the SBE 2.5 product with edirectory, imanager and
GroupWise with the antispam software and antivirus the following happens

I can log into GroupWise, BUT I can't send email to an external address.
It tells me the person is not in the address book. So I place the ID
into my address book and I can't send it still, same message.

Also I tried to send email to the groupwise GWIA. I sent an email to
both the person@company.com and the persona@ipaddress and it never gets
there. Port 25 is open and the MX record is setup on the internal and
external dns (our external dns is hosted by our ISP)

Is there a step I need to follow that is not in the SBE documentation to
make my GroupWise Internet send/receive capable?

Internal emails work with no issues so far.