I am trying to set up an Inventory database for our workstations.

I've done so following the instructions from the books from Course 3062 (Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Administration)

The data is coming in, I can see it in \\myserver\zen\ZENworks\Inv\ScanDir\DbDir

In ConsoleOne:
When I try to "Configure DB" it does nothing, the window just stays there.

If I try to right click on the database object and select "Reporting," I get a "Zenworks Server Administration License Needed" screen.

If I right click -> Zenworks Inventory -> Inventory Query -> I get the same + "Unable to connect to the Inventory database. Check the network connections and ensure the database is up and running."

If I go to the properties of that database, the RM Audit tab, I get the 1709 error: "Unable to retrieve information from the database...."

Anyone have any ideas on what I did wrong and how to fix it?