Trying to use Groupwise 8.0 client on Windows7 pc. I create a new book in the Address Book for unique contacts. I add contacts to this new book. I create another new book that is to be used for department Groups. I create new, empty Groups in this 2nd address books. I populate the empty groups with contacts from the 1st new address book. When I look at the contents of the 2 books everything is fine.
Now I EXPORT the 2 books, individually, to a server file. I do this because we keep these 2 books up to date with our company unique contacts for everyone to IMPORT and use. BUT, when I IMPORT the 2 books from the server into empty books on my Version 8 PC, the "GROUPS" address book does not import correctly. Every contact in every group says "Unnamed Contact". The 1st address book of individual contacts imports correctly but NOT the "Groups" book. I have repeated these steps several times. Always with the same results.
If I try to IMPORT either of these 8.0 EXPORTED books into a Groupwise 7.0.3 version of Groupwise it tells me that the "Header in the import file is invalid."
If it is intended that Version 7 and Version 8 NOT be compatible, I believe that is a mistake! Does anyone have any suggestions?