We have a fully routed envt comprising of 2x6509 core Cisco switches which are uplinked to 3750 stacks on each floor.

Our 3750 switches are configured for DHCP and pass out Data & Voice configurations to clients. As you might expect we have several VLAN's including one's for Data & Voice.

The problem we have is imaging client devices in that they do not pick up a dhcp address when they are pxe booting. We have tested removing dhcp from the switches and delivering it via NetWare DHCP which sits on a NetWare server, not the same one, on the same core network as the Zen Imaging server and this works just fine. In fact one of our floors works in this way at the moment.

We have read many forum post which point to the ip helper address needing to be added to the VLAN config on the 3750's but this does not work ...... is there any other config that may be required?

Any additional thoughts as would like to use the switches for DHCP if possible?

Thanks in advance