For a long time we are using Windows XP station with Novell
clients for Windows XP 4.91SP5 running on IPX o TCP protocol and server Novell OES 6.5 SP7.
For two months I am testing Novell Client 2 for Windows Vista/2008 (IR1a and SP1 Beta) on system with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit. Both these
client versions have still serious problems that I cannot solve:
1. The client station with Windows 7 loses mapped drives connections after aprox. 2-3 min when there is no station activity directed to these mapped network drives. After this inactivity timeout mapped drives appear in Windows Explorer as disconnected. After several tries to open these disconnected drives, disconnected drives will connect again.
2. Side effect of this problem is many multiple connections on the server
from this client station during this inactivity time. Therefore after
some time there are many redundant connections from the same client station (and the
number is still increasing) on the server which must be deleted manually
from the server console.
I temporarily solved this problem by writing my own script for client
station that periodically accesses all mapped network drives and the problem
with losing connection does not appear again.
3. After user logouts from client station the connections on the server
remain still active and do not change their status to "NOT-LOGGED-IN",
instead of client station with Novell Client for XP 4.91 SP5 that logout
I've traced communication between client ( and server ( with a result in the attached file.
Has anybody tips to solve this problem?