we are currently preparing the Rollout of the 10.2.2-Agent-Update. We
are using Windows Vista Business SP1 32bit German.
I found TID 7004937 which shows some registry entries to control the
reboot-behaviour. We would like to prompt our users to reboot and wait
indefinitely for a manual reboot. So i made the the following registry


I created the Key "SystemUpdate" and "RebootPromptTimeout" as a string
value as described in the TID. But unfortunately this didn't work for
me. After the agent-update the prompt-to-reboot-Screen appears and after
5 Minutes the Device is automatically rebooted. So the registry settings
do not seem to work. I changed the string value from "-1" to "90" but
this did not help. Has anybody ever used these settings with success?
Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,