Primary Server with Database updated from 10.2.1 to 10.2.2 without incident, however updating another primary server via staging repeatedly fails with an unknown error.

Primary/Database server was restarted after successful update to 10.2.2, and the other primary server has been restarted between attempts to update.

The system-update.log from the failing primary server follows.....I'm unclear on what is "timing out"....input would be appreciated.

All SLES 10.2 / OES2.1

DEBUG;Running Pre-Install Commands;;
DEBUG;Getting content for PRE_INSTALL steps of update;;
DEBUG;Got 4 pre install commands;;
DEBUG;Running command: ${content.0.path};/opt/novell/zenworks/bin/ZENUpdater.exe;;
DEBUG;Running command: ${content.0.path};/etc/init.d/${};;
DEBUG;Running command: /bin/chmod;;
DEBUG;Running command: /bin/chown;;
DEBUG;Getting content for INSTALL steps of update;;
DEBUG;The request timed out;;
DEBUG; at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.EndGetResponse (IAsyncResult asyncResult) [0x00000]
at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse () [0x00000]
at System.Web.Services.Protocols.WebClientProtocol.Ge tWebResponse (System.Net.WebRequest request) [0x00000] ;;