I don't know here is suitable for me to place this question. I have encountered errors during data migration from NetWare 6.5 sp7 to OES2 SP2 Linux Server using Novell Migration Tool which launched on OES2 Linux server.
The error messages shows:

"2009-12-22 17:22:53,714 ERROR - FILESYSTEM:migfiles:Error: nbackup: Failed to restore: /media/nss/DATA/ACCT/User/afdoris/s2c-2000/STUDENT.XG3
2009-12-22 17:22:53,746 ERROR - FILESYSTEM:migfiles:Error: nbackup: Received error: 0xfffdffac ((libtsafs.so 6.50.0 339) Do not demigrate migrated datasets (will ignore engine flags for the same)) from NWSMTSWriteDataSet
I can only find a similar problem in TID 7004248, but my situation is difference, my both source and destination volume are non-compression volume and Block size is 4 for both also aftering.

So, I don't understand why the source server can store 10 files but can't in destination but the space restriction are the same.

Please help.