I have a OES2 Linux server with NSS volume. Let us call him ServerA.

ServerA is my VLDB replica, and also the NSS volume has a folder called "Common" which I am creating junctions under.

I created a DFS Management context which encompasses the whole tree.

I then have a Server which we will call ServerB.

ServerB is NetWare SP8.

I have created DFS Junctions (using iManager on another OES2 Linux box) pointing from ServerA\Volume\Common to ServerB\Volume\Data.

This all works as expected.

I then try on other NetWare 6.5 servers to do the same thing, I get "-603 - eDirectory Error - Object attribute does not exist."

This is in the same tree, in the same DFS management context. The NetWare servers are all built the same.

If I go in "Manage Replica Sites" and select the problem server, it shows the correct DFS Management Context and replica server (ServerA).

All these servers were in the tree when I added the DFS Management context. Nothing has been renamed.

A VLDB repair doesn't change things.

Any thoughts ???