Heya Guys,

Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this same oddity.

We're running Windows 7 over here with ZCM 10.2.2, but this problem has been around since we started testing ZCM on Windows 7.

Essentially what happens is that on Windows 7, when an installer or application is run as a dynamic administrator user, the "Interactive Services Detection" window appears as usual (since the installer / application is running under another userspace).

See http://www.epgtools.com/Plugins/Netflix/images/isdd.jpg for an example of the Interactive Services Detection Dialog which I am referring to.

This works fine under 32-bit Windows 7, however when this happens on 64-bit Windows 7, once you switch to the secure desktop it appears as though nothing is drawing properly. Basically once you switch to the secure desktop, the place where the window is supposed to be drawn is just a flat gray box, and if you move it around sometimes the title bar buttons will appear, but mostly it's an unusable space. This is a problem because we use the interactive services detection dialog for particularly long installs so that the user can view the progress of the install to a finer level of detail than the ZENworks window provides.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with the interactive services detection feature on Windows 7 64-bit?

Thank You,

Jacob Pitcher