Wondering if anyone knows how to 'force' a certain subnet to use a
certain route on a cisco router.

Here's what's going on: Setting up the 'default' vlan on our cisco
switches to be more of a 'public internet' access only. They can only
get to the web, nothing on our network at all (or so I think so far).

Kicker is, if they try to go to our webpage (www.ccgov.net), from this
'web only' vlan, they cannot. Reason for this I believe is our web
page is hosted inside our firewall, so their default gateway (our core
router) knows about a 'short cut' to get to this web page instead of
routing out the firewall to come right back in the firewall to get to
the web page.

So, anyone know of a way to force our default vlan to route out the
firewall when trying to go to our web page?