Server: ZCM 10.2.2, SLES 10 SP2 , SYBASE DB INT.
Workstations: WXP-SP3

I'm using ENGL toolkit to deploy images.

When i re-image een pc , then it will register with a new name, In the system information logs (zcc) there are messages: PC613 already exist creating PC613-ea876ae9a7e87ae9ae8.

So then i have 2 devices with the same hostname in my zcc.

Already asked this on the engl toolkit forum, but the said it looks like a zcm problem, because the had to use the old one and re-register with the same name.

I don't know exactly the process of registration. Which GUID is used. What
is the role of sysprep in that. And What about the Ziswin information