I feel the need to rant so here it is...

I come from a Microsoft background under duress but have been midly surprised by the features offered by Zen 7 and ZCM 10. However there seems to be a theme developing which is starting to knock my confidence of the product and Novell when it comes to doing things which should be simple.

I spent a wasted summer trying to implement 10.2.1 but ended up going back to Zen 7 at the last moment because of ZAA deployment problems/errors.

The latest is how hard it's proving to update a freshly built Server 2008 R2 build with ZCM 10 SP2 up to 10.2.2. I have read the guide and followed the instructions to the letter but can't get it to install. Now I would normally allow a little scope for things going wrong if I had started to customise things but this is a fresh build with all default settings! If I can't get that working then what hope is there for this product?

I have done the following so far:
1) Checked for updates
2) Downloaded 10.2.2
3) Deployed 10.2.2 to all devices
4) Right click and refreshed the ZAA
4) Started a device refresh of the server device

Currently the device refresh has been sat at 0% for the last two hours. If I check the 'Update Assigned' status I am told 'The agent on the device should be refreshed in order to start the installation process'.

What magic do I need to perform to get this working?

Novell, consider yourself told off!!