I have BM 3.7sp2 running on a NW6sp3 server. this server started as a NW5
server running BM3EE and has been upgraded over the years. lately I've been
experiencing corrupted filters (for lack of a better description). I would
identify the problem filter, delete it, then recreate it, only to have
another one start acting up. I figured my filter config file somehow got
corrupted, so I decided to start from scratch. I unloaded ipflt.nlm and
filtsrv.nlm , then deleted the filt.cfg file, and ran filtsrv -CF to remove
the filters from NDS. after bouncing the server, and running brdcfg.nlm to
replace the default filters. custom filters are showing up in the exceptions
list. how can I ensure that none of my custom filters get reloaded into the
system. any help will be appreciated.

- Hogan