We've been playing with 10.2.2 in our test environment here and we're running into a curious problem and I was wondering if anyone knows if it's working as designed.

In our test lab we have a ZCM server at a couple of workstations at 10.2.2. We ran the System Update for 10.2.2 and it went through the all stages phase and the update was then baselined.

Now, when we register a device that has the 10.2.1 client to the test lab we don't get the 10.2.2 update automatically installed. I would assume that when the workstation checks in it should see that it needs the new version of the ZEN agent but it doesn't seem to. Am I wrong in assuming this?

Unfortunately, since the 10.2.2 updated is set to Baseline we can't seem to re-deploy it through the console to update the workstation.

The other thing that sort of stems from this is that the server has the 10.2.2 patch agent and the workstation has 10.2.1. It seems that the workstation won't run the DAU now that the version of patch is mismatched and now we can't get accurate patch info from this workstation.

Does anyone have any suggestions?