Hi all,
We have a third party company that provide some web based solutions for us
which require access through our firewall. I have set up filters to allow
the traffic through and it works OK. I have a url which I use to test the
connection which is just a web page running a java applet that refreshes
every 20 seconds or so. I can connect to the page and see the applet but
when it refreshes I get a gateway timeout error? If I click the go button on
the browser it connects again and so on. The company connecting in have said
that this timeout is causing problems.
My filters are set up host to host on specific ports and I am NATing the
traffic through to a secondary ip address bound to the card on a W2k server.
I have also tried testing by setting the filters up network to host allowing
any IP and I still get the timeout error. If however I test by unloading
ipflt temporarily the auto refresh works so it does seem to be a filter
If anyone has any ideas on this I would be grateful, I am completely stumped
by this. I am running BM38 sp1 on Netware 6.5

Thanks in advance.