Is anybody else seeing issues with named periodically dropping records from the local cache files? We see this at least once a month now. The DNS server stops resolving a name without warning. The A record still exists in eDirectory but does not exist in the local zone cache file anymore. Deleting the cache file and restarting novell-named resolves the issue. So far we were lucky and this only happened with non critical servers but it is only a question of time until it hits a critical box. This is a pretty disturbing bug.

2 OES2SP1 DNS Servers (1 primary, one secondary) all OES patches
1 Netware secondary DNS Server.

At all times the Netware server will continue to resolve the missing host properly, unfortunately all our clients point to the OES boxes.

This happened the first time around 6 months ago. Back then deleting the cache files did not resolve the issue. The A record existed in eDirectory in all replicas, yet would not resolve on the OES Servers, it simply would not make it in the local zone database. Back then the only solution was to make the replica on the Netware box the master, rip the replicas with the DNS objects of the OES boxes and put them back on. Like I said, after updating to OES2Sp1 and later patches the issue can be fixed by deleting the cache files and restarting named. Need a permanent fix though since this has the potential to cause a huge outage.

Thanks, Frank