Hello all,

I'm getting two errors on just about every one of my workstation

I am running Zen 7 SP1 IR4 HP2 and it is a brand new installation. These
errors are from the first workstation scanned after the new install.

They errors are

Scanner (Warning) : 027: Unable to read sequence number from the Workstation

Scanner (Information) : 002: Unable to register to DMI service layer.

L checked some old posts and found a reference from Shaun Pond to look at
Listser on the server and this is what I got

[12/28/09 11:51:13.732] List Services Utility: Unable to connect to service
manager. Restart ZENWorksInvService

'ZENWorksInvService/null' could not be listed.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance.


Delon E. Weuve
Senior Network Engineer
Office of Auditor of State
State of Iowa
United States of America