This might be a newbie question, but I'm used to Windows Satellites...

Where (in what folder) should I place the Imaging files (ZMG files and
tftp files from my primary servers)? And where are the content
repository located on a SLES 11 server?

I have installed a ZCM 10.2.1 client on a SLES 11 through the
https://IP/zenworks-setup and chosing Linux Satellite client.

I have upgraded the primary servers to 10.2.2 and the Satellite Client
also upgraded successfully to 10.2.2.

But now I have enabled the Satellite feature and enabled PXE. But I
get a "Can't locate boot image error" when prebooting a client, and I
have no idea where to put the image file...
Does it need another preboot script?

Kind regards
Jonas K.