I have just setup a satellite server at a remote office to handle collection and content distribution. All bundles from my Primary Server have replicated to the satellite server. Now that the bundles reside on the satellite server I have configured closest server rules so that all managed devices look to the local satellite server for content distribution. My question is how do I setup a bundle to launch or distribute an msi file from a local site server where the satellite server sits. Currently all bundles are configured to launch from \\server1\apps\distribute @ site A (primary server site). When the bundles replicated to the new satellite server the launch action still shows \\server1\apps\distribution. If I manaully change the bundle launch action to \\server2\apps\distribution the bundle also changes on the primary server to \\server2\apps\disitribution.

To make a long story short, I want to distribute applications from local site stores and not across the WAN.