Hello all,

Thought I would post this message as I haven't seen the issue anywhere else, and I thought perhaps someone else may have come accross the same issue?

I have installed the Novell Client 2 for Windows Vista-2008 (IR1a) onto Windows 7. Once it is installed, it works just fine, until the computers connect to the internet and then download some windows updates. Once this occurs, the computers ask if they can reboot to install the Windows updates, which I allow them to do.

Upon rebooting the PC however, it cannot see the Tree any more? I recall this occuring when Windows Vista first came out. I took my laptop home, reinstalled the client again, but could not find anything wrong. The next day, when I returned to work, it could see the tree and everything was working as expected again.

This time I went the extra step and disabled the firewall in Windows 7. I rebooted the Laptop, and it started working again. I checked this was the issue by restarting the firewall, and sure enough, the software could no longer find the tree.

Does anyone know what program I need to give access to so it can see the Tree and where that program is located under Windows 7?

(I am aware that the Windows 7 Client will be available soon. We have done some testing on the Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (Beta 20091130) and I note we have some issues with it showing the % of drive space available (it shows some text which says nscfd instead of a image) as well as permissions to access the files (it is set to read only when I should have full rights?) )

We really need to have a working solution as staff will be back to use the product in late January, hence why I have opted to go with the Windows Vista Client IRa1 for the time being....