Hi guys,

Something I noticed today, and I just wondered how you guys get round it. We have just started using patch management, and at the moment we have about 1500 xp pc's looked after by ZCM (on 10.2.1). We have some patches that need to go to every machine. Obviously I don't want to deploy a patch to all the machines at the same time, but if I go to patch management, find the patch I want to test, click "deploy remediation" it will then present me with a list of all the pc's that need it....so far so good....
This screen can only show a maximum of 1000 pc's at a time, so if I hit the check box to select all and then hit it again, it de-selects all... ON THAT PAGE. If I then go to the next page, they will all be selected, if I go back to the previous page, they will all be selected again....but i want to deslect all apart from the ones I want to test it on (like one department at a time)

Without going to each individual PC and deploying the patch one at a time, how would you guys deploy a patch to say 50 pc's at a time?