I've been struggling with building an IE7 application to include the Java component, Adobe Reader and Excel Viewer. The critical component is Java 1.6 update 7 as we have an application that does not like other versions of Java runtime installed.

How do I build an application that uses the Java version I need without competing with Java on the local machine? I want to make sure everything that is needed is included in the application to be distributed. I'm confused why the application would be using anything from the local machine at all as I thought the point is to run within it's own sandbox.

If I run my test build on a PC that has Java 1.6 Update 7 or less, or none at all installed, it works fine. If there is a newer version of Java than Update 7 installed it is hanging.

I have a 30 day trial installed. If we can solve this one application problem with ZAV we will likely purchase it. Documentation on this product is pretty sparce.

Thanks for any help on this.