Just Created an add-on image of an bundle that has more than 20 install-actions > Install Bundle.

I'ts a bundle that normally runs after imaging and that will install all of the needed base applications for a pc in a specific order.

All of these inside bundles are launched from a network drive ex. O:\Deploy\Microsoft\Office2007\Setup.exe /blablabla

I thought i'm creating an add-on image of the main bundle so that will reduce the network bandwith. But in the add-on image 'm only see less a lot of .app/.zii and a service.xml file and a assigment file.

I don't know what this is doing.
Is this not working as i thougt?

Server: 10.2.2 on Sles 10sp2 sybase int.
client: WXP SP3
(Never upload msi's to content repo, always take "Install network msi")