I am testing migrating a GroupWise 8 POA from a NetWare6.5sp7 cluster node to an OES2sp1 cluster node (all in the same cluster). I did the needed database lowercase conversion on the NSS volume. Moved the cluster volume resource to the OES2 node, ran the GroupWise Agent install and configuration and manually brought up the POA using - ./gwpoa --show --home /media/nss/GWISDT/isdt_po --noconfig.

The POA loaded fine and I was able to access my test mailbox using the Windows client but can not send/receive email to other POAs

When I look at the MTA on the NetWare server in the cluster, the isdt_po post office is closed. When I hit f10, check the configuration status and details of the post office, the last closure reason is link or transport down

Any ideas what we missed?