I have some problem connecting to a remote terminal server from behind a
bordermanager server.

I did the following :

installed a new server (nw65sp2 sbs overlay cd) into an existing tree
(without any bordermanager)
then installed bordermanager (from sbs 6.5 cd) (and bm38sp2a).
I get the public ip & settings by dhcp from a Copperjet 811 modem.
However I put the settings in manual (ip + mask)
I enabled dynamic nat on the public interface, put the public dns servers in
the dns list, and the default gateway pointed to the gateway at my isp
I can ping and dns resolving works also.

The only problem bordermanager gave after the installation was the following
adding of default filters failed with error ; sys:\ni\data\NBM.Instlog.csv
I ran brdcfg to put the default filters again on the public interface.

I also installed the latest domestic tcp-ip version (want to run vpn later

I put the default gateway at a workstation to point to the bordermanager and
tried to connect to a remote terminal server, but could not connect. I
unloaded ipflt, but still can not connect.
I tried allmost everything.
Did I miss something ?