Hi All

I manage a netware small business suite 6.5 server at the radio station where i work. The problem is that we have a peer-2-peer app that we use to transfer data between our 'sister' stations all over the country. Essentially, I'm wondering how to go about setting up a filter to allow incoming connections on TCP port 6699 for example ?? I had a hack at it and basically came up with the following:

Source Interface: Public
Destination InterfaceL All Interfaces
protocol: TCP
Src Ports: All
Dest Ports: 6699
ACK Bit Filt: disabled
Stateful Filt: Enabled
Scr Addr Type: Host
Src IP Add: xxx.xxx.xxx.xx
Dest Addr Type: Any Address

Will this allow port 6699 through? This may be the wrong newsgroup for this next question, but will i need to get some BorderManager Access rules going also to allow it through?

Thanks All! Any and all help appreciated!