I have an interesting problem that I think may be filter related. using
netware6.0 webaccess, trying to configure the gadget to point to my
groupwise webaccess server. I've configured the gadget correctly, and added
the necessary template files, as per the instructions. But it doesn't
work. (all other "portal" type services work fine...iprint, netstorage,
etc). when trying to connect to the groupwise server, the browser returns
an "unknown error". however, if a user attaches to the gw server directly,
everything works fine (and has for years now).

it dawned on me that this "gadget" thing isn't just performing a simple
re-direct to http://mygw_server.mycompany.com; its probably trying to
contact it, and pass the login information to it. the NW6 webaccess server
is inside the firewall, and the GW server is outside the firewall. desktop
clients can access the gw server, because they're going through the proxy.
port 80 is blocked on the firewall. so the internal NW6 server can't
contact the external gw server.

so, what is the best (i.e. secure) way to allow this internal server to
access the gw server? packet filter? or tcp proxy? (can I do that on the
private ip address of the BM server?). I don't want to open up a big hole
by opening up port 80, inbound and outbound.

(BM 3.5EE...lots of craig's recommended patches).