Hi, is there a matrix available to see, what netware version is an OES or OES2 or something else? or vice versa.

is a netware 65sp8 an OES or is it an OES2? could it upgraded to OES2 or must ther be an update to OES2 or isnt it possible?

is an novell open enterprise server, netware 6.5 support pack revision 08 an OES2 or what is it? is it possible to make that with an inplaceupdate to a LINUX Kernal Version? or waht to do? to get linux system now.

more and more software get out of supportfrom the netware kernal, and the question is to get a new server os. or is it easier to go to windows server 2008, to avoid strees in the future, because it is easier to find some windows updates than some updates for novell systems.

is there somebody who have some answers for me?