I am not sure if this is the right forum but has anyone seen an issue
where over time someone who has been using pcAnywhere or Timbuktu cannot
keep a remote control session open over a few minutes without getting
disconnected? Users have been complaining about slow FTP performance as
well on upload and download. I have been following the packet filter
exceptions the various TID's discuss to allow PCAW and FTP access. For
timbuktu I allow certain trusted IP's access to all ports to gain access
via that method.

We are running BM 3.8 with SP2A on Netware 6.5 running SP2. All works
fine after a restart of the server but over time these incoming pcAnywhere
and Timbuktu issues show up. I have tried the latest TCP/IP stack (657ha)
with the null and excrypted versions and nothing is making any

Any ideas on what I could look into? The ISP's connections have been
checked and nothing is wring with that....