My first IT problem of the year:

Sometime early Saturday (Jan. 2) afternoon, the domains I control (websites
and POP3 email) became unreachable. I confirmed that DNS was working and
the web host had not gone bankrupt, then determined that the domains were
oddly reachable through Comcast, yet unreachable through Verizon.

Verizon support was very weak. The first tech did not even have access to
the Internet, but she could test my line, and confirm that it was working.
She seemed surprised that I could reach other websites, just not the ones I
needed to reach.

The tech and supervisor I spoke with were not familiar with PING and
TRACERT, and did not understand the special significance of a 10.x.x.x
unrouteable IP address.

They insisted that Verizon doesn't block anything, and in an accusing tone,
wanted to know if this web site was a "VPN page" (it is not). They finally
suggested it could be a "whitelist" problem with my web host.

Hopefully, others are reporting problems, and someone knowledgeable will
come back to work today at Verizon.

Anyone have any suggestions? We already tried FDISK, but just on one

-Bob Carroll