GroupWise 8.0.1 is running on NetWare 6.5.7 and working most of the time just fine. Occasionally some GroupWise account expire and lock-up. GWPOA.NLM (8.0.1) verbose log shows the following:

*** NEW APP CONNECTION, Tbl Entry=9, Check ID=1261009659
C/S Login WebAccess ::GW Id=GWtest1 :: 62.237.Y.X []
Error: User account is expired [D023] User:GWtest1 (GWtest1)
*** APP DISCONNECTED, Tbl Entry=9, Check ID=1261009659

The problems occurs identically using Win32 Client & WebAccess.

Looking the GroupWise through ConsoleOne (1.3.6f) with fresh (8.0.1) GroupWise snapins there seems to be nothing wrong with the user account. The expiration date is not set or is set to future date.

I have tried to reset locked accounts by disabling and re-enabling the account, both from NDS level (Restrictions > Login Restrictions) and GroupWise (GroupWise > Account) mailbox - but this doesn't help.

Any tips how to troubleshoot?

Regards, Harri