Here are my rants for the day:

1. The Sims 3 will not download updates on a Mac if you use a proxy server
with authentication. However, the downloader gives no errors, doesn't tell
you that it didn't do the update, but just puts you in an update loop of
"there are updates available for your product" after every attempt. Finally
after watching the Astaro log during an update and realizing that the Mac
wasn't even trying to go out on the Internet, it hit me. I think it was the
same in Windows for Sims2, but there was at least an error message generated
that the update failed there!.

2. Rosetta Stone makes it SO hard to reinstall your program on another
computer. For some reason, they think that everyone who purchases their
program 1) will remember to deactivate the language from one PC before
trying on another and 2) actually has access to the old PC TO deactivate it.
I guess they've never heard of a hard drive crashing, etc. I've spent over
an hour today already (with no resolution yet) trying to get this fixed.
Because I purchased from Amazon, they had to have "proof of purchase" to see
that I was the original purchaser before they would even try to help me
(after transferring me three times). Luckily Amazon keeps orders from the
beginning of time, so finding my orders from 2007 wasn't too bad - but I've
spent considerable money (6 different language levels), and wasn't happy
that this is so hard!

3. Not really a rant - just an observation. I received an email today from
a dental office that started out "Danita, here are Brooke's bitewings".
There were two attached jpgs, and I was wary of opening either <g>, but
indeed they did turn out to be dental x-rays! I thought maybe it was some
kind of an odd GroupWise auto-completion fluke, but it was sent from
hotmail. It will be interesting to see what that was about if the sender
replies back to my notice that I was the wrong recipient.

Just another Monday really!

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