We are to the point were we need to replace our servers that are currently running NetWare and NCS. We have several clusters, some for file storage, some for GroupWise, but all with volumes that run out of space, and that need to be expanded. This is a no-brainer with NetWare, (or Windows for that matter) expand the LUN on the SAN, rescan the bus on all the nodes of the cluster, fire up NSSMU and expand the pool/volume. Three minutes out of my life gone, and users can save gigabytes of 10 year old PowerPoint presentations, and email from 1997 to their hearts content until the volumes fill up again.

Since Novell has their hand on the plug for NetWare, we are planning on deploying the replacement servers with OES2. One problem that we are running into, is that there doesn't seem to be any way to for the server to detect new space added to a LUN, so that a pool can be expanded (we are planning on using NSS volumes for the GroupWise servers and the file servers). There have been many posts on this subject and the response has for the most part been wait for OES2 SP2.

So, I have set up server running OES2 SP2, on a single LUN. On the SAN I created a new LUN and masked it to the server. At this point I ran the rescan-scsi-bus.sh command and it found the new LUN (an improvement over previous versions). Through iManager I was able to initialize the new LUN and create, activate and mount a new pool and volume. So far so good. Back at the SAN I expanded the LUN by 5 GB. From the server I ran the rescan-scsi-bus.sh command again and no additional space is detected. I also tried this with the -i option (issue a Fibre-Channel LIP reset) no luck. From what I have read on my searches so far this script will only detect new LUNs, but not new space added to existing LUNs. It looks like the other commands that scan the SCSI bus yield the same results. The only way I can get the server to see the new space is to reboot it. This seems consistent with other people's experience.

So even though I think I already know the answer to this question, is there anyway for a OES2 server (or any SUSE server) to unobtrusively detect space added to a LUN? I know that I could add new LUNs and expand the pools across them, but since the SAN has a finite number of LUNs available and that we seem to be expanding pools on a monthly basis (a pool could be spanning a dozen or more LUNs within a year) this isn't a practical solution.

If this isn't possible, I need to know so that I don't waste a lot of time that I don't have on an unusable OS.

Hopefully this isn't the case, and others have found a solution that I have missed.


Jeff Blomendahl
University of Kansas Medical Center