I want to test DFS with Netware 6.5.
1. 2 new NW6.5-SP8-Boxes

2. 1 WinXP-Client (XPSP3, Novell-Client

Then I create a DFS-Context with 2 Replica Sites and a junction "ju1", that present SYS: from Server1 in SYS:test\ju1. No errors, when I create this. If I want to access as a admin, i receive a message "corrupt disc ... do you want format.."
VLDB-Repair, vldb service stop/start.... no success.

Anyone can help ?

I want to install this in a big company with big volumes or shouldn't I do this ? Is DFS stable ?
What do the VLDB-Database ? Is DFS more than a symlink in Linux ?

Thanks for reply !