I have zcm 10.2.2 installed on sles 10 and a test win 7 pro machine with the novell client 2 on it. If I log into edirectory on the win 7 machine the login succeeds by saying "novell login succeeded" but then give the message "the local computer username or password is not valid" I have to click ok to the local login. I have a generic username for all users and no password. If I press enter it goes past the local workstation login and then the zenworks configuration management window comes up asking me to login to the zcm realm. If I dont put in the edirectory credentials in for a user it will not login to the zcm zone.

If I uninstall the adaptive agent I do not get the local computer or password is not valid any more, but as as soon as I reinstall the agent the message comes up.

any suggestions? I have looked through the novell client properties and checked what seems logical to me.