BM3.7 on Netware 5.1.7

I am currently experiencing issues where certain filters and exceptions seem to have disappeared?

I have a printed copy of filters.cfg @ 26/Oct/2004 but, while diagnosing a problem yesterday and this morning, some of the entries are missing from filtcfg. Are there any log files or messages that could explain what happened?

Also I have had to amend one of the exceptions to allow the required access.
I am using PuTTY to connect via our proxy to a server in the DMZ on port 22.
The rule that works is written as:

Source Interface: <All Interfaces>
Dest Interface: Public
Packet Type: <ANY>
Protocol: IP
Src Addr: Any Address
Dest Addr: Any Address

Firstly will this cause any problems? can it be more securely written?

Previously the Src Address was specified as the public ip of the BM server but if I enter it now, PuTTY fails.
I have also tried to specify the Source Interface but if fails on the public and private interface. The only setting that works is <All Interfaces> ?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.