We have:
1. Server "A" NW5.1SP2a + BM3.5 Proxy IP:
2. Server "B" NW6.5SP2 + BM3.8 Proxy IP:

3. Server "C" FreeBSD + Sendmail IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.190

Try to get remote access to the "C" via proxy "A". Start Internet Explorer
v.6.0 from my workstation (W2KSP4 + NW Client 4.9SP2) and type
https://xxx.xxx.xxx.190:7535 into URL line. Allways ok - IE opened windows
for entering username and password for remote access.
When I'm use proxy "B" - I received "504 gateway time-out" error message.
When I'm disable packets filtering on the Server "B" - allways normally
working. In filtcfg I'm find only one record for https filtering - this
record was be posted when I'm run brdcfg for make default filters...

How to enable access to the external servers via https trought BM3.8 proxy?