Good morning!

I have a problem with a fresh install of BM392-IR1 on a new NS65sp8 server. My old server crashed (hard drive failed) and I removed the old server and installed new server. Everything looks good. The servers are all talking, DS is clean, time sync is good.

The problem is I can't configure BM. I get the error "No BorderManager license is available". I have read/followed just about every TID and post that talks about licensing, but still can't get it to work.

There are very few posts and TID's the reference BM391 and NW65sp8 specifically.

I have tried removing and re-installing the licenses, running SETUPNLS, installing the license from NWAdmin, iManager, and LICINST.

I've followed Craig's patch list and believe I have everything up to date. Any ideas where I've gone wrong or what I can do to get the license to be recognized correctly?

Thanks for any/all suggestions and tips.