BorderManager 3.6EE running on NW5.1 SP6, BM3.6.C01, BM36SP2A. It's
been running relatively fine for a year or so. About 3 days ago, it
suddenly stopped paying attention to its filter exceptions
(specifically FTP, but any - RDP, VNC, etc.). No changes made (in fact
I wasn't even here). Browsing still works perfectly.

Server has one abend on it (what else is new?). So they reboot.
Everything's fine. For 2-3 hours. Same thing happens. This time they
call me, and unloading IPFLT, IPXFLT, and FILTSRV don't help.
Unloading and reloading PROXY doesn't help. I have to restart the
server. No abends, errors, etc. Good for 2-3 hours. Same thing
happens. Restart server. Good for 2-3 hours. Restart server, unload
filters, go to sleep.

In the morning, I installed the only patch that it appears I might be
lacking (I looked on Craig's site) - I download TCP586A.EXE and
install the null version of those 3 modules. (The only patch besides
NW 5.1 SP7, which is tougher for me to have installed, since I have to
run that by the network admin and manager who will want it to be the
same as 11 other NetWare servers.)

Good for 24 hours or so. Then stops working, but slowly. First RDP
stopped. Then VNC worked intermittently (and slowly if it did). The
FTP stopped. Same deal - only rebooting helps.


I do have BM3.8 upgrades here and on my list of things to do, but I
just need this thing to keep going until I get done with another

Thanks in advance,