I recently ran the update to OES2SP2, and then went back and ran all the remaining updates after the update script ran. This included the product-sles10-sp3-script product marker. However, when I run SPident, or oes-SPident, I get:

Summary                 (using 1011 packages)
Product/ServicePack       conflict        match  update      (shipped)
SLES-10-OES2-i386          0    0%      0    0%       7    (228    0%)
SLES-10-OES2-SP1-i386      3  1.2%     21  2.1%       6    (246  8.5%)
SLES-10-OES2-SP2-i386     23  8.1%    143 14.1%       1    (283 50.5%)
Unknown                               851 84.2%

CONCLUSION: No supported Product/ServicePack found at all!
on one machine, but another I did at the same time says:

CONCLUSION: System is up-to-date!
  found    SLES-10-OES2-SP2-i386 + "online updates"
Both machines respond to plain old SPIdent like this:

CONCLUSION: System is NOT up-to-date!
  found    SLE-10-i386-SP2 + "online updates"
  expected SLE-10-i386-SP3
If I do a SPident -vv, I see this:
SLE-10-i386-SP3                     1  0.0%    785 77.6%      61   (3046 25.8%)
  - ruby  1.8.4-17.20 < 1.8.6.p369-0.4
showing me ruby never got updated, but the patch in the OES2-SP2-Pool channel is shows 1.8.4-17.20 as the required version.
First, should SPident even work correctly on a machine with OES2 on it? If not, that's fine, but both servers show no patches available, even though the one server lists 23 packages that aren't up to date (via oes-SPident -vv). I'll post them in a reply since this one is long already.