We are having some issues with a client state invalid error which means that our list of stations/software is either missing or old. After checking a few items and forcing updates ( which may or may not work ) , modifying registry's at some school locations , well, I'm looking for some help. We're having the same problem at all schools regardless of any changes I've made at any location and after trying some items like telneting from the client to the server ( which didn't work ) and pinging the server from the workstation ( which did work ) I need a little direction.
Checking the above log file I found it's full of what's below but don't know what the process from here would entail. It looks as though the server is trying to connect to the client and update a file and cannot. My admin tells me that internally there are no ports blocked...wide open internally...yet I cannot telnet? The host file on the server is untouched...I can ping the workstation from the server in the log file below....please help....verbosity welcome...will stay with you until a solution is found.

<EVENT AT="1/5/2010 12:22:33 PM" SEVERITY="Severe">
Message Layer Error in Message Server Connection Send File
Local host file could not be opened.

Message Layer Error in Message Server Control Layer Send Host File
See control layer error.

Message Layer Error in Message Server Control Layer Open Local Host File
See local host file error.

Message Layer Error in Local Host File Open
File does not exist.

Message Layer Error in Runtime Library _tsopen
Returned error code: 2

<EVENT AT="1/5/2010 12:22:33 PM" SEVERITY="Warning">
Application Object Warning at 1/5/2010 12:22:33 PM on SVCTAG-H4DX8C1 by Administrator
Network Communication Error
[2.4.502] A network error was encountered while sending a file to a remote application.

ID: {E8F297D7-ED9A-45A5-AF8F-8D45F0020AF2}
Port: 7461
Filename: .\Cache\E8F297D7-ED9A-45A5-AF8F-8D45F0020AF2.ini