We are having a problem in our Cluster of Macs not being able to connect to our NetWare 6.5 servers over SMB. We are able to connect to our old servers in the buildings, but for our Cluster migration, we are trying to get it working centrally.

When from a Mac, we try to connect to smb://ip.ad.dr.ess, we get a prompt at which volume to mount, after selecting OK, or Authenticate, we enter our workgroup, username, and password. After which, we receive the error message "Could not connect to the server because the name or password is not correct".

In both iManager, and ConsoleOne, I have examined our CIFS settings and they appear to be correct (and from what I can see, they match the settings on the 'working' servers). To eliminate confusion, we are currently only trying to get it working on one server in the cluster.

Any thoughts?