We're running OES2 on NW (NW 6.5 SP7).

We just added a new Array and want to move one of our NSS volumes to the new Array.

It is a large volume and we can't ask the Users to be down for the length of time VCU would take to move it, nor for a Backup / Restore.

DFS Move looked like a good option, because the volume can be moved hot and somehow the users can reach their files whether the files have moved yet or not.

If I'm readin it right, the documentation says that the destination must have a unique Volume Name. If I change from VOL1 to VOL2, for example, this will royally mess up my Login Scripts, etc, even if it fixes my Home Directory pointers.

That seems more like a Data Move than a Volume Move.

Also, how can the Users magically continue to access their data if it's now on VOL2 instead of VOL1?

Will DSF Move rename my volume when it's done moving like you can tell VCU to do?