I'm searching around for what would be the best sollution to get windows
application servers access to files on our Netware network.
We've got a pure novell network for our workstations with an AD on the side
for remote users over Citrix. The AD is synced to the eDir with IDM and we
currently run a mix of SLES10OES2 and NW6.5sp6 servers(slowly phasing out
netware) with the older Netware servers hosting the core of our files.
We have Groupwise 8 (on sles) and Zenworks 7(on NW) running on our eDir as

Now we keep getting more and more server based windows services that would
like to have access to files on our netware envirioment.. The sales people
always say it'll work just fine untill the engineer comes over and starts to

Right now I seem to have 2 options, I can either quickly put something
together where I just share folders on a SLES server with samba and cross
mount certain things at various places or go full out and use DSFW which
will open up the possibility for better 2 way communication between both
types of systems.
We currently have no intention of using workstations with no netware client.

From what I can tell right now DSFW can be somewhat tricky to set up and
keep running but I'd like to hear opinions or suggestions from people who
know more about DSFW :-)