Hello to all,

We have a customer whom wishes to use PcAnywhere in their environment(we couldn't get VPN to work consistently, or to remain stable enough for them), we looked on the Cool Solutions site, and they had an example of using Generic TCP, and Generic UDP proxies for this to work. We have set up the proxies, and created the access rules to allow it to work, however we also need to create the proper filtering for this to work when filtering is turned on.
I have seen examples in Craig Johnson's book, however th Outbound one's do not apply in this situation(since we are not connect to another outside PcAnywhere system), and the Inbound one's were for when your using Static NAT. I wasn't sure if those could be used for our situation as well? Are there any examples, or documentation regarding using Generic TCP, UDP proxies, and how the filtering would be set up for that? Thank you for any help that you can offer,